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At Bare Love, We have designed budget-friendly, easy to use Modern Cloth Nappies and reusable accessories for earth-loving families.

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Wash Routine

Washing your nappies shouldn’t be a challenging task. Here you will find a streamlined wash routine that will provide you with magnificently clean nappies every time! And the best bit? It only takes a couple of minutes a day.
Don't forget to reach out if you have any further questions.

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Fitting your new Bare Love Nappies

Easy step by step guide on how to fit your Bare Love Nappies!

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The Bare Love Nappy are the only nappy I own that has NEVER leaked! even after 4+ hours of wear and being completely drenched!!

Tia. M

Thanks so much for creating incredible nappies, I bought one a few months ago to try, and its my favourite of all the brands I've tried

Kate. L

Bare Love nappies are super absorbent and when boosted right, it can last 12-14 hours overnight with my son with no leaks. The Bombproof nappies definitely live up to their name!!!

Baylie. C

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