Meet our first brand representative - Baylie!

Introducing our first brand representative Baylie! Baylie has been a massive supporter of my brand Bare Love and me since day one. She is bright, bubbly and has a passion for cloth nappies! We love having her on the team and can't wait for her to trial and show off more of our products!

Below is a little introduction Baylie has written up so you can all get to know her. Make sure you check out her Instagram, as she has a sneaky discount code on there 🤍


Hello, my name is Baylie, and I’m a mum of a 4-year-old girl (Ava) and a 9-month-old boy
(Archie) when I was pregnant with Archie, I came across the statistics of how long it takes for nappies to break down and how many nappies are put in landfill each month, and I knew at that moment I wanted to at least try cloth nappies, even if it was one cloth nappy a day.
We started cloth nappies when Archie was just 5 days old, and we have been full-time ever since. What I love most about cloth nappies apart from saving LOTS of nappies in landfill, I love the designs, what disposable nappy design is as cute as cloth nappies?
We started using Bare Love’s cloth nappies since February, and I cannot give one fault about them! The inserts are super thirsty, and if boosted well enough, it can last over 12 hours for us.